It's completely original!!
It's political satire at its best!
It's a humorous narrative poem like no other!
It's "The Adventures of George"


George?..George who? Find out by reading this humorous story, a political satire and political comedy in the form of a narrative poem. This chronicles George’s struggles with international leaders and terrorist groups, and which allows you to meet the host of colorful and eccentric characters who cross his path during his many adventures - people such as The Bearded One, Didi Damin, the presidential candidate and American senator Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield, Sir Solomon Pushdee, and many more. This is an epic, funny, and satirical adventure story, expressed in the form of narrative poetry, which is certain to set you chuckling.

It’s rhyming verse is easy to read, fast moving and always entertaining.


George meets the Mere Leader

"George welcomed him with his usual grace,
soothing words and smiling face,
but response there was none, no reaction at all,
no high-flown speech, no honeyed words,
but merely a touch of the outstretched hand
as if George were some lackey of the land
come to pay homage to his lord." 

Sobama prepares for the elections

"Outside on the street was a curious sight,
 a double-decker bus, open to the sky,
and festooned with banners, placards and the like,
promoting a presidential candidate.
And standing on the top the man himself,
waving to an appreciative audience,
the would-be president and national leader,
the young and personable Senator Sobama."

Meet the Author
Blair Gowrie


It's political satire at its best
it's a humorous story like no other
it's "The Adventures of George"